BDS started as an Engineering Consultancy Bureau back in 1997, after obtaining the license from the Engineers Syndicate.

The office provided consultancy services for both private and Government sectors throughout the years 1997 – 2003.

Following the fall of the regime in 2003, the three Engineers who formed the core staff of this office, joined the United Nations agencies (WFP, UNHABITAT, UNDP) and worked till early 2004 when the security situation changed and UN agencies were no longer able to be present inside Iraq and had to leave. The UN agencies started looking for alternative means to run their projects in Iraq and the idea of recruiting Iraqi Implementing Teams (IITs) was introduced. Soon after, RFPs were launched to seek qualified Iraqi firms that can handle the implementation of the projects on behalf of the UN agencies. BDS applied for one of those RFPs announced by UNDP and won the bid.

The company’s work concentrated on providing consultancy services to the project implementation, which includes designing, reviewing, implementation and supervision.

BDS also worked on providing human resources when needed for the UN agencies depending on the data base of available local unemployed experiences.


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